Privacy is the mobilization platform of the GREENS. It is open to both its members and activists. It is in the nature of things that personal data is processed, stored and in some cases also displayed to other users of the platform. Basically, our general privacy policy applies. In the following, we add a few points to highlight the special aspects of

In a nutshell

  • Your user profile is visible to other users. However, you have the possibility to change your name into a pseudonym, so that you remain unrecognized.
  • Other users can see which to-dos you or your pseudonym have done.
  • We can contact you - but we will only do this regularly if you have opted in to the specific communication.
  • You can delete or pseudonymize your personal data at any time.

Additions to our general privacy policy

General privacy policy

User profile

Users of have a user profile which, in addition to the basic personal data, optionally also contains a picture, the social media handles, a bio and information on any candidacies. This information can be seen by all other users, unless configured otherwise. If someone would rather use under a pseudonym, he or she can configure this accordingly and the aforementioned information will only be visible to administrators, whereby the user must replace the display name and the profile picture with a pseudonym.

Usage data

Actions on the platform that yield points (such as completing a to-do) are linked to the user profile and can be viewed by other users. For pseudonymized profiles, the actions are linked to the pseudonymized profile.

Administrators can also see which notifications you have received.

With future development of the platform, further usage data may accrue, which may have to be stored and, depending on the circumstances, also displayed.

Hosting and Google LLC act as infrastructure providers on our behalf. They are required to protect the data appropriately. We have concluded a data processing agreement with both operators, which guarantees a level of protection compatible with the EU.